let your friends describe you

It's simple.

  • Sign in with twitter
  • Share the link we give you with your friends
  • They write a bio for you!

Sounds cool?

Some profiles:@d0mers1mps0n  @anthemaker  @funkturkey  @default_friend  @katmhuang  @vidy___  @yhdesai  @roddur_dasgupta  

Why would I use this?

I thought it'd be cool to let people who see my profile on twitter hear about me from my friends. This can be a quick way to get to know someone!

How will you control spam?

Only people you follow can write bios on your profile. So, just unfollow the people you don't like! If you want to remove a description someone wrote, just hit the delete button next to their bio, on your profile.

Why do you need so many twitter permissions?

We don't! But twitter literally doesn't allow us to ask for fewer. We don't need to see your tweets. All we need is:

  • Text in your profile's description
  • The website in your profile
  • A list of people you follow
Can I buy you a book?

Why yes, you can! If you like this small project, head on over to read.gift to gift me a book!